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Eadon AI is a fully featured AI solution based on behaviour trees which can support multiple character controllers. While designed for Eadon Controller, Eadon AI is perfectly capable of driving a character built around Malbers Animal Controller or Invector Third Person Controller and includes features for group behaviours and communication which work across controllers.

Current version: 2.0

Fully documented!

This asset comes with more than 60 pages of in depth documentation, which can be found also here on our website.

Online support

Support is via our Discord server here.

It has the following features:

Based on the same character setup with full access to every controller feature by the AI

  • Full locomotion
  • Inventory and equipment
  • Combat

Full AI system based on behaviour trees

  • Behaviour tree editor and debugger
  • Custom action system
  • Events
  • Behaviour tree context (blackboard) with dynamic initialisation
  • Behaviour trees can be shared across multiple entities
  • Per character custom initialisation data

Group interactions

  • Supports switching roles betweeen party members (player to NPC and vice versa)
  • Leader/followers
  • Companions for main character (other NPCs, pets, etc)
  • Events on leader death
  • Orders from group leader to group members
  • Formations
  • Formation orders can be issued by AI and players alike

Navigation system independent

  • Supports Unity built in NavMesh system
  • Supports A* Pathfinding Project Pro
  • Mix and match both systems in the same scene

3D pathfinding in space for flying creatures

Integration with Eadon RPG system

Optional support for Invector TPC

Use this instead of Invector FSM AI to leverage behaviour trees

Optional support for Malbers Animal Controller

  • Use this instead of Animal Controller Brain to leverage behaviour trees
  • Allows group behaviours and interactions with animals/creatures
  • AI can mount and ride animals irrespective of controller used